Thursday, June 14, 2007

Keys and the Locks

We went our separate ways today.

I attended the monthly meeting of the Machine Embroiderers' Group at the Embroidery Guild, then went to Warnbro to meet up with an internet friend (female and a quilter - just in case you are visualising other scenarios!)

Kevin firstly finished a "little" job for friends which involved building a wooden box to cover a pump and then installing the electricals. After that he took a pile of old keys to other friends in South Fremantle in the hope that one of them would fit a gate. None did, though one or two came close.

We have been collecting keys for about 30 years - sometimes seriously, but mostly as an occasional thing. It started when we moved into the Bicton house in 1975 and found a jar of old keys that didn't fit any of the locks. They were too nice to throw out. On our first big trip to England and the States we collected quite a few keys in second hand shops in various places. We had a board hanging on a wall with most of them displayed. When we moved I threw out out the board because the velvet it was covering it was so tatty, but we kept the keys.

They are in a bowl at the moment. I must think about displaying them again.

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