Thursday, June 21, 2007

Dinner guests

We are having people around for dinner tonight. We used to be into dinner parties years ago, but somehow that changed and this will be the first time we have had people, other than rellies, to dinner for probably ten years. We do have people for impromptu meals, but not the table-cloth planned meal.

Our guests are Teena and Roy. They both run separate business in the same market complex. Teena runs a craft shop, a cafe and sewing machine centre. Roy runs a brewing shop selling brew kits, ingredients and equipment. Each year Mr Costello (the treasurer of Aus) lets them take a trip to the U.S. to investigate craft fairs and shops as well as micro breweries. Not bad!

Fish pie is on the menu, preceded by home-made tomato soup.

This morning brother Graham dropped by and took me along on his daily run delivering stock from his employer to businesses all over the metro area. Some of the items were not worth the fuel costs, but the customer demands immediate delivery these days. Just as well Mr Costello covers the cost of the vehicle and fuel as a tax deduction.

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