Monday, June 18, 2007

Bali Preparations

We have spent most of the day doing stuff for the Bali trip.

Kevin spent hours filling old cartridges for the Stylewriter printers that went to Bali either in the first or second shipment. Then we went looking for other necessary items.

The most important was a strong cardboard box for packing one of the computers we are taking. We tried several of the electrical goods retailers. While willing to help, most had had their packing materials collected for recycling within the last 48 hours. We succeeded at last at Retravision in O'Connor.

Then we went looking for refill inks for the newer printers we have been given to take there. While some take the same ink as the Canon (Stylewriter) printers, others are more specific in their ink requirements. We are quite knowledgeable now about where to look for the stuff we need.

When we got home Kevin found even more information on the internet about refilling cartridges that he had thought he couldn't refill because of technological advances, so one of our own printers will go as well.

We will replace it with a printer/scanner/photocopier that costs $69 with a $20 cashback voucher. New ink cartridges for it cost more than that, but armed with the latest information from the net, Kevin is confident that he can refill them.

The school in Bali may have more printers than computers at the rate we are going!

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