Saturday, June 16, 2007

Bikies' Bash

There was a bit of a Friday night biffo at a nearby hotel leaving one bloke near death. The local chapter of a bikie gang had a few members at the pub...probably supervising their business assetts, the skimpies. I'll leave it you to guess what the skimpies do in a very rough pub.

A friend, Haddon, lives opposite the pub and has in the past made complaints about the noise and fights that regularly occur on a Friday night. Some time back he was interviewed by several TV stations when a fellow was killed by a heavy blow and a fall onto the road. This time Channel 7 made a bee-line to his place to do a repeat, hoping that he would be able to describe the whole thing. Seven was probably a bit disappointed when he told them he didn't really hear or see anything. Never-the-less they showed him saying just that.

I want to get on TV too. Got to work on an angle there.

I went to Office Works today to check out their cheap printers for our trip to Bali. I bought a Canon multi-function printer/scanner/copier for $49. At that price I figure I will go and buy a couple more as they are cheaper than the replacement ink cartridges. What is that doing for the greenhouse gasses?

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