Monday, June 4, 2007

Thomas Graham Lee

A little more about the career of T.G. Lee.

Gray Lee moved through the ranks over his career. Whilst head of the Liquor and Gaming Squad he realised that the gaming houses in Perth were only being raided once a year in November and only about six people were charged each time. He decided to remedy this situation and changed his Sergeant and without warning arrested 30 ‘prominent’ people in a club. They all pleaded not guilty, so he summonsed them as witnesses against the proprietor and they collapsed and all changed to plead guilty.

He went on to be the Police Chief State Prosecutor retiring after 38 years in the force as a Superintendent and recognised with the awarding of the Queen’s Police Medal.

Snip from the Australian Roll of Honour

After he retired he enjoyed being ‘council for the defence’ for friends and family even avoiding a Multinova speed-camera conviction himself.

The railway carriage he lived in along with his notes are in the Kalgoorlie Museum.

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