Friday, June 15, 2007

'Never get old'

'Never get old'. My uncle would tell me that every time I went to visit. He lived to be 86 years of age without too many ailments. Mind you he didn't drink or smoke. He might have been a nicer person if he had.

You might think that I would be worried that he can read what I am now writing about him. Not so. I don't believe in that stuff...he would also be able to see me do all sorts of things that shouldn't be seen by departed souls. Can they all see what I do? Ablutions etc etc???

Anyway, back to oldies. We went to friends' house today ostensibly to celebrate Joy's 68th birthday. Dear me, what a lot of old crocks we are. We eight friends share just about every affliction available. Won't name them, but we've got 'em. Bring on stem cell research.

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