Wednesday, June 6, 2007

More travel stuff

Yesterday we went to a travel agent and booked our Bali trip. It looked pretty good. A$1353 each which includes flying business class return, airport transfers and one week's accomodation at a nice hotel. Today we heard that the plane is booked out and we are on a waiting list. Joan asked the man to try and get us on an earlier or later flight. We should know tomorrow.

We have also sussed out a safe and reliable driver who does an all-inclusive full day's tour for rp450,000 per day which is roughly A$62. He won't have to take us touring, but will have to sharpen up the English skills when we get him to translate the operating instructions for the computers.

I am selling parts from a car that I bought for my son as a spare parts bank. He has a company vehicle and has sold his own car. There have been a few calls usually about the parts that are already gone and if we don't sell most of it by the time we are to go to Bali I will get it taken away by a scrap dealer. The dealers pay for the shell with a Woolworths shopping voucher to the value of $50. That's not too bad as I paid $80 for the whole thing. It has many good parts and I hate to see good stuff go into a crusher.

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