Friday, June 8, 2007

Bali travel saga

Bali is a three hour flight from Perth and it is quite difficult to get two seats in business to get there. On one hand we hear that the Balinese are concerned that Australians are not returning to Bali after a couple of horrific terrorist bombings and on the other it is very difficult to get a seat on a plane. We did think that going business rather than cattle-class would get us on, but it seems that we were wrong. We are wait-listed for one of three days and still no joy. We have just told our travel agent (well, he is not just our travel agent) that we are prepared to travel in the following week and hope to get a result tomorrow. Hope!

I did a bit of a Steptoe and Son yesterday and today collecting donated printers etc for possible inclusion in the Bali project. Paul, a friend, gave me a Brother all-in-one scanner/printer/copier. Lovely machine! The only thing wrong with it is that it had run out of ink. It seems that the ink is dearer that the machine, so Paul bought a new printer. I will suss out the possibility of filling the tanks with bulk ink. I have one-litre bottles of the three ink colours supposedly specifically for Canon printers. Tomorrow I will seek information from my friendly cartridge re-filler to see if there really is a problem using my Canon ink in other printer brands. Bet there isn't.

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