Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Fremantle Synagogue

Not too many people who work in Fremantle or visit Fremantle would know about the Fremantle Synagogue.
It was built in 1902 to serve the Jewish residents of Fremantle (about 60 in all). Later, as Perth developed, many of them shifted to Perth where another synagogue was built and by 1910 the Fremantle Synagogue no longer held services.

The synagogue was sold and has had many uses as retail outlets...most failing. In 1976 the Perth Hebrew congregation sought permission to remove the prominent Star of David to incorporate it in the Menora Synagogue as a tribute to early Jewish pioneers in Fremantle. The Fremantle council offered to supply the congregation with a replica of the star, leaving the original in Fremantle.

Of late, the side of the Synagogue has been used a billboard of sorts for large notices taking a swipe at Freo Mayor Peter Tagliaferri.

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