Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Bitten by the travel bug

I am not really a traveller. I know that aircraft are at least as safe as cars, but I am a little worried when I think of the passengers and all their luggage in a machine that weighs many tons which flies without even flapping its wings.

That being said, we have at last got our booking sorted out for the Bali trip. We are travelling Business Class and hope that is like we have seen many times before when we have struggled past Business Class to our Cattle-Class seats. Last year we upgraded to business on a flight to Canberra. The aircraft was a Boeing 737 and Business seats were the same as economy with just a bit more room around them. Not even a curtain separating us from the peasants. The only real difference we noticed was when we landed and were preparing to disembark. A hostess stood in the aisle holding back the mob until we Business Class passengers were all on our way.

But wait there's more. Barely a week after we return from Bali we are off to the U.S. for a wedding. And in September Joan is off to NZ for a conference and a tour and I will be visiting Queensland for a week then on to NZ to join the tour.

In Queensland I hope to catch up with teaching colleagues from PNG; many not seen in 46 years.

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