Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Safety and Justice

Today's 'West Australian' newspaper reports on the trial of Marco Sorani who is an associate of the Scorpion Boys gang. The result...he walked free.

All he did was get upset at a man and his son pulling in front of his car causing him to brake heavily. In fact it upset him so much that he motioned for the other driver to pull over. That driver got out of his car and apologised to Sorani and was immediately stabbed under his armpit. His son jumped out to help his father and he was stabbed below his shoulder. Father and son were treated in hospital.

The knife used was a small one of about 4cm long attached to his wife's key ring. It would seem that he intended to use it, seeing it was on her key ring.

Sorani has been in the news before. This time he was given a 30 month suspended sentence and an 80 hours community work order.

The road rage should have been enough for the community work. The stabbing should have seen him in prison. Good thing he didn't have the obligatory stiletto in the car.

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